IX(B) Sqn Cheque Presentation

On the morning of Tuesday 2nd October three members of the Royal British Legion Swaffham Branch visited IX(B) Squadron for a charity event organised by SAC (T) Charles Smith. This charity was chosen to be the IX(B) Sqn tea-bar charity voted by the tea-bar committee.

The Royal British Legion Swaffham Branch Chairman, George Harris was shown around the Squadron HAS site and also around one of the Tornado GR4 aircraft. The event was enthusiastically supported by the Squadron including OC IX(B) Sqn, Wg Cdr Andy Turk. A cheque of £350 was presented to the Royal British Legion members by SAC (T) C Smith as the tea-bar charity representative and Flt Sgt Si Roberts IX(B) A-Shift Flt Sgt.

The £350 sum was made up from £150 donation from the tea-bar committee and £200 raised by Sgt Jenkins. Whilst deployed on Op Ellamy during 2011 in Italy Sgt Jenkins generously trimmed members of the Squadron’s hair for a small sum of money which he donated to the charity finally raising £200. The event was organised during IX(B) pre-deployment preparation for our forthcoming tour in Afghanistan in November 2012.

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