ISS-RAFCRL Partnership Update (Funny Fokker’s at RAF Marham)


May 15th saw the arrival of The Funny Fokker’s Comedy Tour at The Grafton Club RAF Marham, a lot of preparation & publicity would hopefully see a full house for the evening.

Very much the unsung hero of the Comedy Tour compere Chris Gilbert arrived with Phil Nicol and they were given a tour of the venue, prior to setting up the Funny Fokker’s unique backdrop. The second comedian Rob Rouse arrived later and met a few of the gathering audience in Louis’ Bar. Limited seating saw about 180 people in the audience with a great cross section of Officers’, SNCOs’, Junior Ranks, Civilian workers and Wives from married quarters, plus ISS Defence Director Aiden Murphy & Regional Director Andy Hunter in the audience.

From the moment Chris took the stage it was the start a terrific night of entertainment, his banter with the audience was supreme, and enabled a fantastic atmosphere for the whole evening, climaxing with Dave from the audience performing a duet with Phil Nicol towards the end of the show. Feedback from everyone was positive, with the most frequently asked question being, “When is the next one?”

The whole event, as with at all the ISS Units, showed that ISS can throw a party. It was all hands on deck to produce the show on the night, including volunteers from Catering Core Manpower providing and selling the food.
The Comedy tour has now performed at all RAFCRL Units and has been so well received that planning is currently going ahead for a second tour in September/October, so look out for details of another fun night.