Hosanna House Visit


On 26th May 2013, four members of the RAF Marham contingent who were attending the 55th International Pilgrimage to Lourdes spent an evening at Hosanna House.

This is a hostel located in the village of Bartres, 3km from Lourdes in the Foothills of the Pyrenees; catering for young people and adults with special needs and disabilities, all of whom have a military background. The facility allows these guests (justifiably referred to as VIPs) the opportunity to experience a pilgrimage holiday in a safe and caring environment.

In addition to being treated to a barbecue, we and other members of the British Military Contingents including Bishop Moth, RC Bishop of the Forces, were able to socialise with the VIPS and staff whilst being superbly entertained by the Band of the Ghurkhas. Sharing stories with these amazing people was humbling to say the least as they have all experienced personal challenges, which I can honestly say, makes my life so far look relatively easy.

As part of our visit to the Hosanna House Group, we presented a cheque for £750 to Mr Richard Tipping, the Group Leader, which was raised through a collection from RAF Marham personnel attending the pilgrimage and a generous donation from the Station Charities’ Fund. This donation was received with extreme gratitude which will offset the cost of taking ‘Heroes with Disabilities’ to the next Lourdes International Military Pilgrimage in 2014.

Written By: Chf Tech Stef Poole

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