Honours & Awards

Stn Cdr Commendations presented January to October 2013
Name, Section
Chf Tech J Ritchie, TSF
Sgt I Stocker, MMF
Cpl N Walker, LOMF
Sgt R Greville, Stn Int
SAC Alan Garratt, Stn Int
SAC S Gasson, Stn Int
Flt Lt S Curry, II AC Sqn
SAC Nicholas, AESF
Sgt Swanson, TMS
Mr Hollis, SWS FES
Mr Wilkins, SWS FES
Flt Lt J Case, 31 Sqn
SAC (T) Beaumont, PST
SAC Harrison, TIW
SAC L Lyon, Catering Flt
SAC Grant, IX (B) Sqn
WO1 I Turner, MPGS
SAC M McCaffery, LOMF
SAC T palmer, Stn Int
Sgt K Ives, TIW

External Commendations
Name, Award, Type
SAC P Healey, 1 Gp Award, Flight Safety
FS Dave Stewart, Admirals Commendation, RAF Sailing Assoc
Mrs Julie Stewart, Admirals Commendation, RAF Sailing Assoc
SAC Andrew Fellows, TGRF FOD prevention, IX Sqn
Chf Tech S Piggott, AOC 1 Gp Award, Air Safety
Flt Lt D Holford, AOC 1 Gp Award, Commendation

Sports Colours
Name, Sport
SAC J Nicolas, Basketball
Sgt D Duff, Canoeing
Sqn Ldr A Gibbins, Basketball
LAC C Hobbs, Basketball
Sgt D Fonsecka, Basketball
SAC J Ford, Basketball
Flt Lt M Stevenson, Volleyball
SAC B Thompson, Climbing
A/Cpl L Thistleton, Climbing
Flt Lt A Tomzynski, Climbing
Sgt C Abbott, Clay Pigeon Shooting
SAC L Kerhsaw, Athletics
Flt Lt J Grenville, Athletics
Cpl JJ Booth, Cycling
Flt Lt J Evelegh, Hockey

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