Honours and Awards (July)

‘The Stn Cdr, Gp Capt P Rochelle attended the TIW Honours & Awards where awards were given out to recipients in front of their families and friends and the rest of the Wing.

The families and friends were invited to a reception where they had the opportunity to meet the Station Commander and the Officer Commanding Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing, Wg Cdr Andy Stewart, and had the opportunity to see the work undertaken by TIW Imagery Analysts.’

Royal Warrant
WO N Masters

Chief of Joint Operations Certificate of Commendation
Wg WO J Hanley

Air Officer Commanding Number 1 Group Commendation
Sgt P Lauder

Air Officer Commanding Number 1 Group Commendation Team Mobility Award
FS I Stannett
Sgt M Goddard
Cpl J Staples

Accumulated Campaign Service Medal
FS N Jelliman

Afghanistan OSM & Clasp
Sgt P Lauder
PO M Ellison
SAC R Hodgett
SAC J Steele
SAC I Watson

TIW Airman of the Year
Cpl C Watts

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