Handover of Command

Wg Cdr Andrew Stewart MA MCMI RAF handed over command of the Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing (TIW) at RAF Marham to Wg Cdr Andrew Hetterley MA BA(Hons) MCMI RAF on 17th August 2011.

As Wg Cdr Stewart departs, he reflects on what has been a very busy two years, as during his command Project DIAMOND, the UK support to Full Motion Video (FMV) from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, came into full operational service as Op CROSSBOW. CROSSBOW is now supporting live Afghanistan FMV missions 24/7 from the TIW Operations Centre at Marham. In this time TIW also detached a deployable unit to Gioia Del Colle in support of Op ELLAMY. Now that Wg Cdr Hetterley has taken on the reins, he is looking at the future of manned and unmanned ISR system and how the Wg will support these systems in the years ahead. He is currently visiting the detachment out in Gioia Del Colle to look at how TIW can continue to provide the exceptional levels of support to Op ELLAMY that the Tornado and Typhoon force have become accustomed to. Later he intends to visit the TIW detachment in Afghanistan to cement the long term relationship TIW have had with 904 Expeditionary Air Wing at Kandahar.

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