GSF London Learning

Eight members from General Systems Flight (GSF) carried out a two day Force Development Staff Ride to London.

Organised by SAC(T) Adam Green, the aim of the visit was to gain a better understanding of the history of the RAF, the part the Service played in World War II, how Airpower impacted on the War and how that impact affected the RAF of today. Each member of the group was given a particular question to research and then tasked to provide a small presentation to the rest of the group.

On arriving in London, the first day involved a visit to the Imperial War Museum, where the first four member’s presentations were carried out, followed by some time to view the huge range of exhibits on display. The museum helped to facilitate a good understanding of the great advances in military equipment and the ways in which conflict has developed over the years. Having departed the museum, the group headed to the Battle of Britain Monument for a moment of reflection before retiring to the accommodation, kindly provided by the Royal Artillery at their Woolwich Barracks.

Day two saw a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, where the group could see at first hand the very place from which the British involvement of World War II was driven. The group also gained an understanding of how the War Cabinet of the time differs to the Cabinet of today. The day was conducted in a similar manner to the previous day in that the remaining four group members gave their presentations followed by some time to explore the museum. The group observed how effectively the Government of the time managed the arduous task of directing the war from the underground bunker, with only hard copy maps, limited links to the outside world and a distinct lack of modern IT that is used to manage modern warfare.

The two days in London gave a very enjoyable and educational insight into Britain’s military history, where all members enhanced their knowledge outside of their day to day working environment.

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