‘Grab the Bull by the Horns’

After what can only be described as an extremely demanding year 2011. RAF Marham is rapidly approaching the end of its period of reset.

As we concentrate on 2012 and all the important commitments it brings, I am conscious we must not lose sight of our Ethos, Core Values and Standards. To that end, it has been agreed it’s now time to undertake a concentrated and coordinated programme of projects in order to re-energize the unit and further enhance its current standing. This programme will be known as “The SWO’s Summer Spree”.

Basically the SWO’s Summer Spree will consist of the following: A selection of nucleus meetings aimed at and specifically designed for all Service personnel, dependants and members of the local community.

The aim of the meetings is to:
1. Identify potential projects both on and off camp.
2. Identify interested parties from across the community to conduct and coordinate said projects.
3. Identify resources, finances. – In some cases funding is already in place…
4. Link in with existing projects. Assist in their timely conclusion.

I am acutely aware that many of our spouses have indicated their own pride in Marham. i.e. A group of dependants have indicated their desire to collect litter from the units surrounds. This is a highly commendable act. However, I need to make sure this and other activities are undertaken and conducted safely. Some other project examples are as follows:

On Camp:
• Road Safety Campaign
• Removal of abandoned vehicles, caravans and bicycles
• Awareness of Service Charities
• SSLA Barrack blocks
• Removal of bulk rubbish
• Overall improvement of the unit’s general appearance

Off Camp:
• Improvements of children’s play areas
• Children’s education towards waste management (School projects etc)
• Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
• Arrivals briefing/gathering for dependants
• Garden projects (Sponsored flower beds)
• School footpath

These are but to name but a few: With a completion date of 23rd June, 2012 (Station Families and Friends Day). Time is now of the essence. This project is not about rank or qualifications. It’s about: Ethos, Core Values and Standards, whether you are a member of the RAF, a dependant of just live in the community, it’s an ideal opportunity for all members of the Marham community to make a difference. Attendance from across the Station is expected to be high.

By the time you read this article the initial nucleus meetings will have taken place and many projects will be well under way. If you have not yet got involved and want to make a contribution please feel free to contact me direct, Ext: 7208.

So, let’s “Grab the Bull By the Horns” and help take the Station Forward in 2012.

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