Goodbye to Little John

At midday on Friday 30 March 2012 Central Registry waved goodbye to one of our long serving Messenger’s, Mr John Banham.

John began life at RAF Marham on 4th October 1999 where he was employed in Barrack Stores. Whilst there he made some very good friends and a lot of which were present at his leaving do. He thoroughly enjoyed working for Barrack Stores and the highlight of his time there was when he went to pick up the red carpet for the Queen’s visit. He remained in their Lottery syndicate even when he moved over to Central Registry to become a Messenger, unfortunately they never had the elusive big win (that’s waiting for the chaps in Central Registry!)

John become a Messenger in 2005 where he remained until the day he retired. He became a popular figure around camp, always ready to stop for a chat and pass the time of day. John was certainly a charismatic character. He will be greatly missed, not only by his colleagues within Central Registry but by all the personnel who have had the joy of working with him. In his retirement he is keen to do a lot of fishing and gardening and has talked of helping out at the North Norfolk railway in Dereham where he lives.

We would all like to wish him a very long and happy retirement and also to welcome onboard his replacement, Mrs Cath Drayton who will be taking charge of the trusty Messenger cycle.

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