Goldstars 10k Run


Wg Cdr Rich Yates MBE, OC 31 Sqn presents trophies to the winners of the 10k run which the Sqn took part in as part of the King’s Lynn GEAR.

It was a chance encounter by OC 31 with OC CSF that gave the idea to the Sqn taking part in the Great East Anglian Run, which has now become a firm community fixture in the West Norfolk diary. Of course with the Sqn deployed in Kandahar the Sqn would have to run its own race in theatre, where conditions were never going to be same as those in West Norfolk.

Nevertheless, undeterred, OC 31 went back to rally his troops to take part and in the end managed to get 38 members of the Sqn signed up to run the race, all of which had to take place during their off duty hours.

While this was going on, Community Support liaised with Roger Partridge, the event organiser, who offered up his support by providing goodie bags, medals and trophies for the winners.

In the end the race took place at the same time as that in King’s Lynn but in much hotter temperatures, which were topping 38°C at the time and at a height of 3500ft above sea level with Flt Lt Bicknell coming in first in a very credible time of 43.34.

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