Gardening Plots at RAF Marham

Have ever wanted to grow your own fruit or vegetables? You can now do so at RAF Marham.

The Marham Gardening Club, now in its third year, has 26 gardening plots situated behind the infant school. The site also comprises communal sheds, water butts, 60ft poly-tunnel and fruit cage.

The club has been set up as a clearing house for information on growing, so even if you have little or no experience there will be someone who will know. Marham Infants School currently have three plots that they use as outdoor education for the pupils. Allotments are now available in sizes; 15m x 5m and 7.5m x 5m. Priced very reasonably at £30 and £15 respectively per annum.

For more information or to acquire an allotment please contact the Marham HIVE or Cpl Conway, Club Chairman on Ext: 7161.

Image: © Photoroller,

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