Fantastic Forward Engineering Squadron Fundraising for Local Charity

Each year, Forward Engineering Squadron (FES) nominates a charity to support. For the previous year, £1,129 was raised for Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bikes Service and the aim was to raise even more money in 2013/2014.

Following an overwhelming vote at the FES Social Fund Annual General Meeting, the charity selected was King’s Lynn based Scotty’s Little Soldiers. Scotty’s is dedicated to supporting the children of men and women killed whilst serving in the British Armed Forces.

Sergeants Paul Clarke and Matt Hodges coordinate all fundraising activity within FES and thought it would be a nice idea to keep the fundraising a secret from Scotty’s and surprise them with a cheque.

Fundraising efforts covered a wide range of activities such as raffles, selling football cards, displaying donation buckets and organising fishing matches, but the main event was ‘Op HAIRLOSS’ in November; this was   covered in 2014’s Issue 1 of Marham Matters magazine. three brave ‘volunteers’ literally lost a huge amount of hair, Sergeants Paul Clarke and Johnny Luckin were sponsored to publicly give up their fine heads of hair and this was followed by Sergeant Matt Hodges enduring a painful 60 mins of body waxing; various body parts (to peel off the wax!) were auctioned off to his not very sympathetic work colleagues. Their loss was Scotty’s gain and a magnificent effort generated over £1,300. Combined with all the other fundraising for the year resulted in a whopping total of £2,107.24.

The founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, Nikki Scott, was invited to RAF Marham and was presented with a cheque by Officer Commanding and 2IC FES, Squadron Leader John Ritchie and Flight Lieutenant Si NelsonKirby. A delighted Nikki thanked everyone from FES for the very generous donation and was clearly surprised. Nikki said, “Usually, everybody who helps us to raise money requests t-shirts and other support. I can’t believe it!”

This team effort will go a long way towards supporting the superb work carried out by Scotty’s. Army Widow Nikki Scott set up the charity in August 2010 after her own husband Corporal Lee Scott was sadly killed in  Afghanistan in July 2009, leaving behind her and their two young children. If you would also like to support Scotty’s then please give them a call on 01553 763000 or visit their website www.scottyslittlesoldiers. for more information.

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