Exercise Vixen Eagle 2012

11 people from across RAF Marham started on their early journey to take part in Ex Vixen Eagle 2012 (formerly Ex Blue Vixen), Nordic skiing with the RAF.

As in previous years it took place in the small town of Zwiesel, deep in the Bavarian Forest, where Marham was joined by teams from other RAF stations. Some of the people involved had participated in Vixen Eagle previously and knew what to expect from the week of adventure training, but the majority were totally new to Nordic skiing. Everyone was split into separate skiing groups depending on their ability and began the week with four days of training and learning the technique. Their fearless team leader CT Neil Harrison had a go at tackling the touring element of the exercise. This was followed by a day touring up the Großer Arber, the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest standing at 1,456m, which everyone managed to achieve. The week culminated in Nordic ski tests, individual time trials and a station relay race. Altogether between the Marham team they received two Silver and seven Bronze awards and came fourth in the station relay. An extra award of ‘The Boot’ was given to SAC Tom Drury for causing havoc on the trails and managing to take out some of the locals in the process. Overall everyone benefitted from improved fitness levels and teamwork skills and were happy with their individual achievements, despite the amount of times they may have fallen over during the week!

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