Duxford Imperial War Museum & Airkix Indoor Skydiving

With the Personnel Management Squadron office reorganisation now complete, it seemed like the perfect time to have a team event for everyone working in and around BSW.

The day consisted of two activities, a visit to Duxford Imperial War Museum to brush up on our air power knowledge, followed by a trip to Airkix indoor skydiving centre for some team building.

On arrival at Duxford we had a team photograph taken by the Hurricane outside and then split down into groups to look around the museum. Duxford airfield is renowned for being the best preserved Second World War RAF airfield in the world with exhibitions such as the American Air Museum and a reconstruction of the 1940 Operations Room which is located behind its original blast walls.

On the bus again to Milton Keynes and the PEdO was in her element as it was quiz time! Silence fell across the bus as we racked our brains for the answers. It is safe to say that some of us have spent more time than others attending pub quizzes!

We arrived at Airkix and were put into groups ready for our indoor skydiving experience! As most of us had never done anything like this before, the nerves were evident as we put on our outfits (all the gear no idea springs to mind) and met our instructor. We were taken into a viewing room which contained an air tunnel; the tunnel is designed to circulate air into a flight chamber. You stand in the open doorway and lean forward, the instructor guides you into a horizontal position and that’s it, you’re flying! Some of us took to it like a duck to water and others, myself included, were not so good! You got two goes meaning that the instructor could teach you some basic movements and then you could build on them. Everyone was greeted by a big round of applause on exit from the tunnel; it was certainly not as easy as it looked! Once everyone had had their first go, the confidence level was definitely a lot higher, with some of the guys literally diving in on their next go. As we were only beginners, there was a restriction to the height we could fly on our own but as an extra, our final turn each concluded in the instructor joining you in the tunnel and spinning you round, ‘flying’ you up to the top and back down numerous times.

Although a bit unsteady on their feet afterwards, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We all piled back onto the bus and right on cue, the PEdO popped up and it was time for Bus Bingo!

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