Dinosaur Park

On a bright autumn morning a group of intrepid explorers set out from their base camp in Marham village on an expedition of discovery.

The air of excitement turned into cautious trepidation as they neared their destination unsure of what lay ahead. One by one they silently left the bus and entered the dinosaur park ready to start their adventure.

No sooner had they entered the park then they were greeted by a blood-curdling roar. They knew that they would have to keep their wits about them now as they were on Jurassic soil.

Following the winding trail the explorers came across some animals quietly grazing in a clearing. They felt safe here and took a break and rested for a while.

Setting off again into the forest they were confronted with an old rope bridge stretching across a pit containing some very hungry goats. They negotiated the bridge and continued on their journey climbing up into the trees. From here they had a fantastic view across the park. The trees moved below and they caught a glimpse of some of the park residents. They were deep inside dinosaur territory.

In single file they continued on deeper into the forest following the footsteps of explorers that had been before. Eyes watched them from the trees following their every move.

As they turned the corner a great commotion greeted them as a group of small dinosaurs ran directly in front of them squealing as they passed. The explorers felt the ground vibrate beneath their feet as the biggest dinosaur they could ever imagine stopped in front of them. They froze, but not in fear, this was the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex and they knew that if they stood still the Tyrannosaurus Rex would continue on his way as he could only sense movement. They waited for what seemed like a lifetime until a rustle in the bushes distracted the dinosaur and he continued on his mission to find a meal.

Seizing the opportunity the explorers headed towards the exit relieved at their lucky escape. Back on the bus they recounted the days events and swapped stories about the dinosaurs they had seen. All agreed that they had learnt a lot about dinosaurs but were pleased to be heading back to the safety of Marham Junior School.

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