Dental Centre London Visit

Eight members from the Dental Centre embarked on a journey to the Imperial War Museum as part of a staff ride arranged with FD FLT.

An early morning start saw eight members of the station Dental Centre commence on a staff ride to the Imperial War Museum. Armed with our presentations, train tickets and flasks of tea, we set off.

We arrived at the museum after a short walk from the train station, and decided to break off into our groups to present our topics.

After an extensive look around the museum and many photos later, in our three groups we presented our stands on; WWI, WWII and Current Operations of today. Each stand provided an overview of each subject matter and we all agreed that each topic was very informative and interesting.

The museum itself looked very grand yet with a modern feel. It had plenty of war memorabilia and aircraft displayed. It gave us an insight of how poor the conditions really were in days gone by. Of particular interest were the aircraft dating back from the 1920s up to the present day. The museum is split into different sections and it was fascinating to see the difference in uniforms for each country from WWI and WWII.

Trench warfare was one of our chosen subjects. This stand was presented outside a man-made trench created within the museum. As you emerge, there was an overwhelming sense of reality. It really captured the hardship of the soldiers.

Voice over’s, manikins and authentic smells added to the feeling of life in a trench during WWI.

Overall this experience has been very rewarding and educational. The visit has given a better understanding of the British involvement during these wars and leaves you feeling very humbled at how many millions of personnel who died for our Country.

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