Community Support to Assist Recycling

All of the RAF Community living in SFA will be aware that from the beginning of April a new recycling system was introduced with households now being responsible for recycling all food waste.

The council has reported that it is very pleased with how many people have got involved in the service with over 200 tonnes having been collected in the first two weeks that it had been running. All the waste is turned into industrial grade soil improver, rather than being sent to landfill so a big thank you to each and every one of you that has participated

However, the waste is collected in newly provided waste food caddyies which must be lined with a specially designed degradable bag. Although a supply of bags was provided when the caddies were first issued, householders are responsible for purchasing their own bags in the future these being available from the supermarket or Local Council, who sell them at a discounted cost. To assist with this Community Support have also arranged to bulk buy the bags for sale through the RAF Marham Thrift Shop at the discounted price, thereby avoiding the need to travel to the local council office to buy them.

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