Changes in Community Support

Changes are taking place within the Community Support Flight here at RAF Marham with a face many of you will know taking over as OC.

Major Gary Walker, who some of you will know from his time with II(AC)Sqn and TIW where he worked as the Ground Liaison Officer, is about to change uniform and reinvent himself as Flt Lt Gary Walker, OC Community Support Flight.

Gary is a local boy, having being born and bred in West Norfolk and is therefore very familiar with both the area and the Station having spent a total of nine years at Marham, albeit in  very operationally focussed roles. However, he is looking forward to the new challenge of Community Support and although doesn’t officially take over until next month is already starting to get his feet under the table.

Other changes will see new faces in the HIVE, with the departure of Stevie Lewis and Jane Murdoch, both of whom will be sorely missed, about to leave for pastures new. The appointment of Stevie’s and Jane’s replacements are in the process of taking place so more on the later. FSgt Terry Norman, who is the very familiar face of Community Support  will remain but is taking on a much more housing focused role, working out of the new Housing Hub located in Woodview.

Further details of the changes will follow in the next edition of Marham Matters, although in the meantime it is all very much business as usual.

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