Building an Educational Legacy on the inspiration of London 2012


Last month saw the launch of an Olympic inspired Programme at local school, St. Martins at Shouldham.

The Be the Best you can Be! Programme enables young people to discover and develop the unique potential within themselves and inspires, engages and empowers them to pursue and fulfil their dreams. This unique Programme has been developed as an Educational Legacy going beyond Sport and far beyond the inspiration of London 2012 to inspire the youth of Britain and the rest of the world.

Dr David Hemery CBE, Olympic Gold Medallist and former World Record Holder (400m Hurdles, Mexico 1968), founder of 21st Century Legacy said: “everyone has a spark of greatness within them and through a combination of dreams and practical application they can achieve their potential, as long as they positively set their mind to it, believe in themselves and are prepared to work hard.”

By completing the Programme young people raise their self-confidence and self-esteem and benefit from higher aspirations, and a clearer path to how they can realise their dreams.

Marika Mears head at the school said: “I was determined that our school would be one of the schools to undertake the Be the Best you can Be! Programme as it begins to roll out nationally. The inspiration offered by High Achievers including Olympians, Paralympians who strive to achieve their dreams is incredibly powerful and can really reach out and engage our young people. I am pleased to welcome Gail Emms to launch our Programme and my teachers and I look forward to delivering this exciting and transformational Programme.”

To find out more about 21st Century Legacy and to arrange for your school to take part please visit or call 01672 519 264.

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