Bite Size Bits (Deployment Support for the Family)

Deployment Pack
Contain loads of useful info, names and contact details of who can offer support; these include all the Welfare agencies available to you and your family whilst you are away. Everyone is offered a Deployment Pack during their Pre-Deployment brief. Families are encouraged to come along as well or contact the CS Hub.

Fancy a Cuppa or Chat
Come along to Home Alone, which is every Friday morning in the Oasis Lounge, or if you just need to have a chat then please pop into the CS Hub.

Children’s Deployment Pack
Storybook Wings
Record a story and RAFA will add the sounds effects. Your family will receive the CD approximately one month after you have deployed.

Staying Positive and other charts
We have a variety of charts for the family ranging from maps to staying positive charts all free for deployed families.

Kiddies Deployment Packs
If you need something to keep the children entertained then try our packs which contain colouring books, colouring pencils, playing cards.

Talking Tins
The tins come in their own box and are easy to use. You can leave a message for your children and they can then record what they have been up to and post it to you.

Are available for older children. They are ideal for keeping notes and thoughts.

Fancy a day out/tickets for Attractions?
Community Support often offer events, days out, lunches and tickets for some local attractions. These are often free for those family members who have someone deployed, but are at a discounted rate for families without a deployed member.

Keep an eye open for more details, either pop into the CS Hub or read Marham Matters (we are the middle four pages) and there are other clubs who also offer trips.

Travel Warrants
If your partner is deployed for more than 119 days you may be entitled to two warrants to help with the cost of travelling home to see Grandparents. Please check with the OOA cell when you are doing your prep.

Keeping in Touch
There are loads of ways to stay in touch, from the paper Bluey, E-Bluey, MSN, Skype, Emails, Facebook and the telephone. Most deployment areas are covered by a 30 minute phone card which is topped up weekly, for those using Paradigm there is also voice messaging and a top-up service available If you are deploying to the Falklands, it might be worth taking a spare unlocked mobile and using a Cable and Wireless sim. However, please note that not all UK operators have an agreement with Cable and Wireless.

Want More Information
Need more information on these Bite Size bits then visit the CS Hub, call: 01760 446136 or Email: We are also on Airspace and the RAF Marham Homepage.

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