Anthony Nolan Charity Update

Janet Short, PA to OC TIW, tragically lost her son Daniel to leukaemia on 25th August 1986 and has since been a dedicated Anthony Nolan fundraiser, on receiving the news of the successful bone marrow donation, Janet said:

“This is the most fantastic news I have heard for many years and makes all the extremely hard work really worthwhile. I have to say that I felt extremely emotional, especially considering the arrival of this card coincided with the anniversary of Daniel passing away. I am always very sad at this time – this news has really given me and TIW a huge boost.

This success shows people that the clinics really DO work. I would like to offer my thanks to everyone who has attended the clinics and all those who have helped by supporting TIW with our charity. We have a lot more projects planned this year so your continued support with both the attendance of the clinics and our various fundraising events would be greatly appreciated.”


Dear Donor,

Words alone can never express the gratitude my family and I feel the most generous gift of your bone marrow, it will enable me to have a second chance to enjoy so many things I would have missed without it.

Whatever my future holds I will always thank my lucky stars that people like you are willing to put themselves forward to help so many people in the same position as me.

Thank you so very much
Your grateful recipient


Thank you so much for putting yourself forward on the Anthony Nolan register, by which you have generously given my husband the chance of recovering from his cancer and continuing with the life we once had.

Recipients Wife & Family

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