Airplay, The “Hanger” forchildren News (Part 1)

Afterschool Activities
Sadly, due to personal circumstances, Layla has had to leave our Afterschool Group.

We have been able to keep her contract open for her and we are hoping that when the time is right for her that she will join us again. Thank you for all your help Layla, we wish you luck and happiness and that we see you and your guys in the Centre soon.

We would like to welcome Sue, who has come from Airplay at Benson, so has loadsa experience and is loadsa fun too! So come down and meet her and join in with the fun.

We are continuing with our Healthy Eating Programme, where you can join us for a meal on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Fridays remain our anything goes! Every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 4pm till 6pm.

Jammin is a rockin!
Tommy Smith, Jackson Sargeant, Ellie Brown, Alex Frost, Saffron and Jacob Medley are a few that are busy rehearsing and planning our Gig for April.

If you would like to get involved or help with the organisation, then please come on down, new members are always welcome. Every Thursday, 7pm till 9pm.

The Pool League is underway, if you feel you could be MAYZ’s champion you need to come down and register. Or do you think you could be Dance Central King or Queen?

We have a few contenders for that title at the moment, Ryan Lee, Phil Adlington, Rebekah Grant and Cassie Mendham to name but a few. Fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsey? David Jones and James Driver were winners in our first bout of Ready Steady Cook, with yummy Tomato and Meat Ball Panini’s topped with melted Mozzarella. If you are not too sure about all that at the moment, you could just come and chill with us like Beth Hillidge, Beth McDade, Sian Lee, Matthew Roberts and Chloe Francis do. Stop missing out, come join us. Every Friday, 7pm till 10pm.

The Committee would like to welcome Lucy Chaplin and Chloe Dannett as new Members, a big thank you to both of them for their invaluable input and efforts over the last few sessions.  We are still looking for New Members, so if you are interested in having your say and making a difference, please come join us. Every Tuesday, 7pm till 9pm.

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